Wireless Basics Class!

Yesterday's wireless hacking basics class went amazingly well. Attendance was off the charts....a packed house. Nothing is warmer than or smells quite like a room filed with 75+ computers and their respective users.

Village elder Rick Mellondick and Wasabi delivered about as much information as you can possibly cram into a human head in a four block.

For those who couldn't make it to BSidesDC or to the training, the slides are available on


I strongly encourage newcomers to wireless hacking to check out these slides. Covered in the class were topics like:

  • How to install and boot to a live Linux distro
  • Correct use of wireless tools
  • How to connect to wireless networks
  • Understanding wireless concepts and basics
  • Basic antenna theory and reasons to use different antennas
  • Cracking WEP and WPA
  • Understanding the basics of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Tracking signals and direction finding (fox hunting)

Today we see many familiar faces from the class putting their new found knowledge to the test with at the CTF. Good luck to all the new hackers out there,.