BSides Delaware
BSides Delaware

Where we are located:

Digital Quarantine

Expected Game times:

START November 12 08:00 Eastern

END November 13 15:00 Eastern

Free to play! Sign up any time. https://bsidesdelaware.com/wireless-village-ctf/

Getting started docs: https://github.com/rfhs/rfhs-wiki/wiki/RF-CTF-Virtual-HowToGetStarted

Scoreboard: https://scoreboard.rfhackers.com/


We will also be posting information on our Twitter/Discord accounts as well. Join what you can and ask questions when you have them.

General RFCTF information

Click here for the Getting Started Guide

Be sure to visit the Archive page for more general RFCTF information!

Check out @ifnotpike's excelent SDR Notes

Wasabi Wireless from our very own Wasabi livestreams and has videos for RFCTF PREP.